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Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage

site-specific installation for the Second Annual "Art in the Anchorage" organized by Creative Time, 1985


Approximate dimensions 192" x 240"


About the project:

For the second annual Art in the Anchorage, thirteen painting installations and ten performances addressed the dramatic historical and visual qualities of the Brooklyn Bridge Anchorage. Artist installations included entrance signage by graffiti artist CRASH; five-minute duets and solos by Susan Marshall and Company; and pyrotechnics, which effectively converted industrial refuse into sculptural instruments and sounds by Bow Gamelan. (


Participating artists: Luis Cruz Azaceta, William Basinski, Bow Gamelan, Cynthia Carlson, CRASH, Terry Creach, Jane Dickson, Mike Glier, David Headly, David Humphrey, Mike Kelley, Stephen Koester, The Magnificent Force, Susan Marshall, John Obuck, Stephen Pollack, Judy Rifka, Nancy Spero, Wolfgang Staehle, David Wojnarowicz, The Wu-Shu Team, Robert Yasuda

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